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Friday, October 23, 2009


I really miss not having my scanner, printer and 'puter at my elbow when I'm scrapping out and about. I really dont like my handwriting on LO's as I feel as if it spoils the look of what I am trying to do. They feel less clean or sloppy I guess. I know my handwriting would be appreciated down the track, but I just cant make myself do it. So I have to make do with letter stickers, dymo and the like.

Long thread idea inspired by Janice (thanks for letting me flick thru your work the other day) I have slotted a couple of other little ideas away for later.

I'm lucky enough to have Kym home this weekend to happily have the kids while I go on a 24hr scrap a thon with about 35 other like minded ladies. Cant wait. Car is mostly packed (only cause I was out last night scrapping), photos sorted, drinks chilling, nibbles purchased and the purse cashed up. It will be no doubt a sleep deprived day/night filled with lots of chat, laughter, a couple of cold ones, and a tad of scrapping done. And the best thing.....I am not on the organizing side of it. It feels so different being on the 'other side of the table'. Much more relaxed about it and just looking forward to the 'ta da' moment when I walk in, not knowing anything of what goes on behind the scenes.

Bring it on I say!!!


janice said...

love the colours...
the stitching looks great...
lovely page.
ENJOY your weekend scrappin..
kick back and relax...
looking forward to seeing your finished pages.
thanks again for yesterday
saw Maryanne briefly today.

Anonymous said...

Great page Tiff !
I'm looking forward to the weekend too, it's gonna be gr8 !!
Cya there

amanda hall said...

Sorry Tiff but there wont be much 'ta da' if any.

This is a basic 'get together and scrap' nothing fancy about it!

Unless you count plastic tablecloth which has really been the only thing we have had to buy LOL.

Hope you aren't too disappointed. We just wanted a chance to scrap too! (as i am sure you can appreciate!) A very no frills night.

seeya tomorrow.

:) Tiff said...

lol Amanda. I know what you mean by having the 'chance to scrap too!'

I've only seen the inside of the communtiy complex briefly once and it certainly didnt have table cloths then. Just to walk in, feel the vibe and check out the retailers is 'ta da' enough. Anything else would have been unexpected.

and yep, you will see me tomorrow, with bell on!!

maryanne r said...

I really really like this tiff.I love the colors, and the photo is just beautiful.the stitching looks really good too.Im with you on the handwriting thing, think mine looks messy and untidy.

maryanne r said...

ps.have a great weekend scrapping, looking forward to seeing the results soon.