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Saturday, October 17, 2009

thank you.

I have had the most amazing last couple of weeks as far as publications go. It still feels just as exciting now as it did when I saw my first one in a glossy magazine.

In this months Scrapbook Creations (Vol 8, No. 8) I have this one....

And in this months Scrapbooking Memories (vol 10, no.9)I have three
this one,
this one,
and this one.

I feel so very lucky that I have had any accepted at all, but three in one mag is just humbling. If you have a look at the sketches insert, you'll find a couple of my LO's sketched in there. And on the contents page there is a little pic of 'I adore you'

So I just would like to say a very heartfelt thank you for all the well wishes and congrats from my dear friends. Feeling the love!!!

Ironically while this is all happening I haven't been scrapping much at all. The photography business is motoring along, I spent more time with the kids in the school holidays, and I'm still getting over the blasted knee op (falling off the crutches so did not help the recovery lol). But I did have a couple of scrap nights out this week and pulled together a couple. I think I can feel the scrap itch returning.

And just a quick heads up on the Rabbit situation in Lincoln. Retravision have bought the kiosks from Rabbit and are currently installing them. They should be ready with the new Wet/Dry developing machine to start photo printing by this Wednesday (Oct 21sr). Yehaaa. This is a big big relief, let me tell you.

I had a yarn with Hayley (formerly of Rabbit and now with Retravision) about the quality and longevity of the new process. She has looked into it long and hard' she has looked at prints done with the two different machines, and she cant tell the difference.

So I will be down to see her at Retravision in Liverpool St at the new Fuji Lab!!!! I hope they have online ordering where I can order from home and pick up at a convenient time to me. I guess I'll be finding that out when I get in there.

I am waiting with 'great' anticipation for a courier parcel with my new baby in it. Yep, I lashed out and ordered a Canon 380EXii Speedlight. Can't bloody wait to get that in my hot little hands. And also a thanks to Jill W who very kindly offered me the use of hers after a photo session last week. She knew mine was coming and thought I might like to have a play with hers while I was waiting. So while I had my 'lol studio lol' set up, I tried out a few ideas. Lots of scope with this baby!!! So thanks to you Jill for your very kind consideration and trust. mwah.

I have finished proccing the shots from last weekends combined 40th and I have a rural photo session booked in for tomorrow. It'll be a lot of fun!!

Have a great weekend.

pssssst.....I'm taking Sean across to Adelaide on Tuesday for Thomas the Tank Engine Live on Stage performace at 1pm. Anyone else going to this session?????????????????


Anonymous said...

Yay Yay Yay and Yay for you chook! Freaking awesome!!!!!! Well done!

amanda hall said...

I noticed all your publications this month in SM Tiff. Well done. You are on fire.

:) Tiff said...

thanks guys. mwah. And Maryanne is hot to trot at the moment too. Cummins is rockin' the scrappin' scene.

maryanne r said...

way to go tiff. youre rockin lately!

SueP said...

Congrats Tiff with all your pages in SM, had a peeky at a magazine the other night....Well done! And yah, Cummins is rocking in the scrapping scene!!