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Friday, October 2, 2009

boys only

I do so enjoy printing directly onto card stock or papers. Especially onto Kraft Card. A bit of a grungy one for the boys in my life. awwwww.

Journaling says 'their concentration was wonderful to watch from afar. I am so proud to have witnessed a 'Father and Son' moment 7.2.08

Had the post op check up today. Unbeknown to me or the surgeon before getting into my knee, I have a large chunk of it missing. I did have key hole surgery years ago on the same knee for what I was told was growth spurs that had broken off and locked up my knee. Now I know it was actually the top part of the leg bone ( I didn't catch which one it was)that had crunched up. I think it looks like a lower leg bone....???? So this time around was the meniscus tear that was shaved off and a bit of a clean up of that other jaggered bit. Sounds very ewwww, I know. From what I gather it will give me bother later on down the track, so I'll worry about it then, not now.

I'm on one crutch and off all together as soon as I can. Cant bloody wait. Driving for any more than 30mins at this stage is bloody torture.

I ended up not going to Lincoln last night for scrapping which for me is a big deal. The knee was just burning and there was no way I could drive myself. sigh..... next week girls.... I'll do the 'build a vine' then. I PROMISE.

I also want to give a big shout out to Kylie S who has her photo of her children on this months ABB calander. its so Awwwww. I spied it yesterday in our local insurance office being the first day of October. Congrats chick!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, top leg bone hey..u mean the femur? :P Glad its going ok, and doesnt sound icky at all..got a video? (Jokes). :D Mwah Mwah! Paige

:) Tiff said...

lol. Paige. I have a detailed photo and xray to show you tho!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, that would've been a bit freaky finding out that you had a bit of leg bone missing !?^#&
I hope it's feeling OK !
Love the page on your boys, looks fab !
Oh and thanks for the calendar plug Tiff !! lol

sandra said...

love it Tiff.
Hope the leg is better.