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Friday, October 23, 2009

the "Ps'

Even before I got to this family's home, it was going to a great shoot. Mr N was very very keen apparently and was asking Mum ALL day, what time will she (me) get there. He really was counting down the minutes.

As soon as I got there he took me for a ride on their 4 wheeler motorbike (complete with helmets) to have a look around the farm yard for prop ideas, lighting etc. He gave a very detailed inventory of all their machinery, its history, and its use. No wonder Mum reckon he's the 2IC.

Mr P has some very noice photography gear that I had a drool over and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous shooting photos for this family as he's such a good photographer himself. However and thank goodness, Mr P was very relaxed and ready with an easy smile, so I was put to ease. LOL. Normally the people having their shoot done for them are the nervous ones and I'm relaxed, so this was really switching the tables around.

After a lot of laughing, hamming it up for the camera and getting some really good shots in the bag, it was a wrap.

Thanks a bunch guys. Sean and I had a ball!!!!!!!!

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maryanne r said...


Jane said...

these look wicked Tiff! cant wait to see the rest..apparently the mail doesnt get overnight but goes to Adelaide in between then back back here..so either way from Lock/Cummins it will take 2 days..so will have to wait til Monday to get disk...now to wait....
but enjoyed seeing sneak peek. funny seeing us on a blog...they look awesome and even like to one of me!! LOL...i HATE having my photo taken and dont like seeing myself in photos. thank you

Jane said...

PS. love the vintagey look and that red corrugated iron looks wicked..awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Tiff, really nice !