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Monday, October 26, 2009

scrap-a-thon wrap up.

Well I got to Karkoo at 12.30pm Saturday, brought in my stash (I use a sack-truck (trolley) to bring in my tubs and bits. Chatted a fair bit, shopped a bit, and scrapped a lot.

In fact I scrapped, and scrapped, and scrapped. I didn't even have time to go to bed. The juices were overfloweth so I did not dare stop. Not that I wanted to for that matter. I sustained myself on scotch. LOVE that stuff.

Sandra was up early and very kindly took this shot of me watching the sunrise. (Yes Karen, this is what I call a Dawn Buster). I have never scrapped all night before so I really wanted this shot as it means a lot to me.

And the scrapping mojo didn't end there. I scrapped and scrapped some more. Not a wink of sleep.

The Scrap a thon ended at 1pm Sunday and I headed home to catch up with the family and had a snooze for an hour before we headed out for tea.

I felt pretty good actually, but apparently I was blinking a bit slowly lol.

And I am really glad my bladder decided it was time to get up during the night. I checked on the retreat blog and golly gosh the 2010 E2C retreat registrations were open. So of course I emailed thru my registration there and then. Just as well. By 8.30am they had 40 bookings and by 1pm a post on the blog said it was all booked out and a waiting list had started.

I wont post all my LOs in one hit and overwhelm you. As I have 3 photo-shoots this week, there will be precious little scrapping done, so I'll stagger them out, just to tease you a bit (wink)

Oh and just to top off an already fantastic weekend, I found an acceptance for a LO from Creative Keepsakes this morning. Man, that magazine is one tough egg to get into. So that is just cream on the cake.

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maryanne r said...

great photo.well done sandra!