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Saturday, October 31, 2009

primping parlour

Scrap-a-thon LO no. 6

I was a bit stuck on this one before the Karkoo weekend. I just couldn't imagine the end result, so it sat on my desk at home, teasing me. It wasn't until one of the girls on the table with me (I'm not sure who it was, sorry, so please fess up) suggested I find some lippy and give it a  big mwah.

Perfect. Now all I needed was a lipstick, a mirror, and to find out if embossing powder would stick to its wax to seal it.

I have one lipstick to my name, and amazingly it was the perfect colour. So with Leonie's mirror, I slapped on some lippy. I felt like a complete knob. 1. Using a mirror in public to obstinately apply the lipstick and 2,  wearing lipstick in the first place (so not my scene).

and yes, clear heat embossing powder stuck to it beautifully so I could heat seal it.

Journaling says 'Uncle Giles did not, Uncle Ian tolerated and Dad actually enjoyed having their makeovers done.'


sandra said...

Loved seeing this come together at the Retreat... and the lippy looked perfect... I think you will find that it was Kylie who suggested the big mwah. Great idea Smithy!

Anonymous said...

Shucks, thanks Sandra and Tiff ... I wasn't gonna own up ! lol
The page(s) you did that wkend came together really well Tiff. I haven't touch my album again yet ! I have 'till Christmas so a few weeks up my sleeve (but it'll be here b4 I know it, no doubt !)