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Sunday, August 31, 2008

water babes

just love love love this one. bright and cheery.

The PP is KaiserCraft (i think).

Bazzil frame.

The embroidered roses are Making Memories.

the bloody awesome leaves are Prima ( I think leaves will be my new fave thing).

American Craft rubon alphas (these are disappointing, they nearly all cracked when I rubbed them on.)

The extra large brad is of an unknown origin.

Friday, August 29, 2008

flat out being a mum

can now reveal

pretty chuffed with this one.

I dont normally hand write my journaling but I didn't leave myself much choice with this one.

The pp is Kraft Ledger Paper. Gonna have to get me some more of it I reckon.

The negative strips are a Photoshop brush. (Thanks A.)

Pics are 2 inch by 1.33 inch. (Little)

Thank goodness for Carolee Alphas.

No embellishments other than the dymo and machine sewing. Too busy to need anything else.

doing time.

this is so cute.... and Sean has a double chin, then. Inked wooden KaiserCraft scroll and then set some thick enamel embossing powder with my heat gun.
Still lovin' thickers alphas.... they are the best.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


gosh I struggled with this one.

I think it was the doodled scrolls. Don't usually doodle. I used a template with a blue pen then used blue kindy glitz for filling.

This has been sitting on my desk for a couple of days. Kept walking past it, looking at it, trying to make it inspire me. I just couldn't get excited by it.

Then I thought of the white paper dolley and keeping the LO very crisp with white and blue only.

I am not partial to birds at all, but this was the only stamp I had to fill up that space to make the LO flow.

I like the LO, don't think I love it..... yet.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

feels like spring

the bees are buzzing

the birds have paired up

and the canola is bursting into flower.

just love this time of year.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Is Beautiful


Babies grow so quick.

Sean was no exception.

Compare to Kym's hands as they haven't changed size.

Have gone very minimal embellishing with this one.

Feel like I am being influenced by Leanne Stamatellos. (Very talented scrapper)

top left Dymo says 'little sean 8.3.06 3 wks. '
bottom right Dymo says '1 year 11.2.07 big sean'

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Uncle Brett (my brother) with my kids.

the bracket was a little itty bitty little chip shape that I scanned into photoshop and changed the size of it into an A4. Used it as a template on PP. Cut it out, attached it on to chipboard, cut that out, inked the edges and viola, a big chip bracket.

easy peasy.

lots of carolees alphas, some foam alphas from Kmart, hat pins from Spotlight, and my souffle white pen.

Friday, August 22, 2008

happy little vegimite.

Happy little chap is Sean. Fits the Vegemite song perfectly. Will be humming it in my sleep I reckon.

Knocked up this one in Lincoln tonight.

Yes I actually did cut the Vegemite label off from a jar. Adrian from Port Lincoln Carpets and Flooring Direct will reckon his personal jar was attacked by a mouse overnight.

Thanks Adrian *fluttering eyelashes*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is the most work I've done yet for a challenge LO. From taking all the shots and I printed my own at home for this one to get it done in time. Some I had to print twice. What a time waster. And then working out how to fit them all (nicely).

Am really pleased with the result.

I have edged each shot with my paper piercer just to give it a little definition. Used my white signo pen where I wanted to sew my rows to give the white thread a bit more punch.

The white dymo Cummins title is a photoshop brush and added a couple of rubons. Very little embellishing as its busy enough as it is. The blue dymo says signs of life.

if u have never been to Cummins, when u do, now it will look a little familiar


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

DH dug a whopper of a hole to sink a ship container to become our cellar and firearm lockup. As we don't have a lot of machinery, we borrow or hire it. Every time there is a new machine of some sort on our farm, it presents a photo op.
So this was taken back in 28.2.07. I'm only 18 months behind on Sean.

I reckon if I stop taking photos (not) I might catch up. Nahhhh, I'll get there one day. Always nice to have a heap of photos already printed to choose from.
Journalling says

excavating the hole to sink the container which will be the cellar under the car shed. 8.2.07

I placed the background PP on a textured surface and sanded it back to reveal the white. Instant grunge.

The journalling is printed on my El Chepo DATS from Cheap As Chips with the Around the Block lower case font wheel.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Competition Day

Hunting with a twist today. Competition Day is the only day when you actually hunt as a comp. I got there a bit late and with Jerry's antics the last few weeks, I thought I'd try out something a bit different.

There were a lot of good size hills where we were today so I rode him hard for an hour on some hill training. Trotting, cantering, no walking up hills and down dales.
He was stuffed and lathered. That was the general idea.

Competed on the last few events and he didn't put a foot wrong. Too buggered to want to buck.
So that means next week I'll get to the hunt early and puff him out before we start. He will get so bloody fit by doing this (hopefully me too). Luckily there is only 2 hunts left because all this means extra work on my behalf.

see how we go next week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

indulging my addiction

this LO came together for an Indulgences sub call for Scrapbook Memories. It's a hybrid LO.
I photographed my ice coffee sitting on a white freezer against a white wall. Then i sized it to fit as a 5x7 pic on the 12x12 white bazzil CS. Played with levels, curves, brightness and contrast. Used the really soft edged dodge tool to blend the ice coffee background into the cardstock so there are no definite edges. And had some fun with a brush.
The title is American Craft alphas and Heidi Swapp Fat Cat alphas. Ran some ribbon thru the printer, attached to lace which both are pinned to the CS with brads and hatpin.
There's a bit of a shadow from the pin when scanning so try to ignore that.
My current fav LO
and yes it does say on the ribbon 3 or 4 a day, every day. Lucky it's not real coffee. I'd be soooo wired.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hip to be square.

stuff me.

I have a little piece of bone broken off my hip and is floating around.

This is from my bucked off (no, i am not swearing) saga a week ago.

I can't feel it and I did go hunting on last Sunday.

Saw the Doc on Monday for my ear (which is still no better) and that's when she told me. I can't feel it yet but I spose at some stage when I am old and feeble I will.

Ahh bugger it, live your life now is my motto.

mummy's little angel

what else can u do but laugh.

journalling says

Sean loved creating’ havoc in my creative space. A non scrapper would tear her out hair and have a fit. A scrapper would laugh, run for the camera and deal with the mess later. I must be a scrapper.30.1.07

little rascal. he had a blast


the school is closed today as the Cleve Field Days are on. We have decided to go up tomorrow (WED) as the weather looks a bit better. So today is our pajama day. Annie's idea. It's 10.30a and I have just got out of bed, breakie cooked by DH, still in my jammies and havent done any jobs around the house at all. BLISS.
spose I better go and feed the horse.
Now where are my water proof slippers.....?????

Sunday, August 10, 2008

dummy spit x 4

love this LO. loving the blues and creams. So baby. Sean is 2.5 years now and I just am enjoying doing the little baby pics so much.

We stay in the Cabins in Tumby Bay for our family summer holiday. Sean slept in his portacot in the main living area. To get my attention all these dummies would come flying out one by one with a lot of giggling.

So cute.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

she loves him so much.

you can see the bond between Paige and Sean. I hope it is there forever. The heart I used Tim Holtz distressing embossing powder and on the wooden scroll in the corner I heat embossed thick clear lacquer.
Loving grungy papers atm. never did for Annie's stuff but its got a hold on me for Sean's stuff.


This is a bright one. need to put my sunnies on to save my optic nerve. The green is very vivid irl.

Lots of transparent stuff. The journal box is a Karen Russel Narratives. The font is Heidi Swapp rubons, the orange floral is French Twist by Autumn Leaves (i think).

Wasn't sure about the green butterflies (they dont look very green on this scanned copy) at first being a boy page but looking at it now, it works for me. And that's what counts.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

grandies mini book

At my Hunt Club Christmas in July dinner we held a goods auction.

I offered a scrapped personalised mini book on any subject within reason. It raised $50. I recieved the photo files to go in it just the other day. So I have been madly pulling this together the last few nights.

Much rather scrap than boring things like accounts and the monthly reconcile.

There are a 10 pics all in all. I couldn't cull down any further.I reckon it came up a treat. Better than I hoped.

Now..... challenge 11 on e2c blog. Must get onto that before I look at the intray on the office desk....

The pink dymo is actually a Photoshop brush. I pulled the pink using the eyedropper from some of the PP. I set the background to black by using the paintbucket. I resized the brush to 150 which gave me each letter at 1cm. This was printed onto 4x6 landscape photo paper and then cut out. Pretty cool I reckon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Annie insisted that the starfish that she did with paint on the computer should go on the blog as well as her card. Purple for me, pink for her. and a little orange shell. she did the typing all by herself as well.

Monday, August 4, 2008

awwwww annie.

She is such a love. And she knows just how to melt my heart. This is her get well 'card' LO from her to me.
She knows that my favourite colour is purple so she drew our home in that colour.
She has a growing box of scrap stuff and photos that I am not going to use as her own. I let her use the stapler and my pritt gel. She has one ink pad and one stamp which she cleans with her set of wipes.
She just asks can i scrap please mum and how can I say no. She sets it all up, cleans it all up and she scraps on her own. I'm not in the room so I don't interfere. Tried to once and she was ticked off at me ;)
I'll show her a new trick now and then and she is learning all the time.


well, they dont really know yet what it up with my hip. Was able to drive myself in to the Docs this arvo. I could pivot my heel and push down on the clutch and the clutch pushes my foot back up. I still cant lift my foot up tho.

Xray on Thursday to hopefully eliminate fractured pelvis. Sounds rather dramatic but I really reckon its ligament damage. We will see.

Thanks M for your kind offer but was rather relieved to find my driving wings were not clipped. I'd be desperate for ice coffee and would turn into a raging green ogre without it


See what shows up on Thursday. Thanks goodness for codeine panadol caps.

Oh by the way, now I know why kids scream with ear infections. Giving me more grief than the hip. Imagine one ear full of water, capped by an ear plug and talking in a tin shed with constant whistling. Bloody draining.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jerry bucked me off again.

For those of you who don't know, I am a hunter. That is riding a bit like they do in England for the fox hunts. But we don't have hounds, and we very rarely see a fox, or a roo for that matter. Too damn noisy and the critters would hear the hoofbeats and chatter a mile off.

So back to Jerry. That's my horse. All 17hh of him (just a tad shorter than PharLap). He has taken to bucking in the last few weeks. Not just pigroots but fair dinkum serious bucking. The first one I stuck. That was 3 weeks ago. The second one last week was 1 stride after a jump so I was not quite back settled in the saddle and I flew in the air. That hurt a bit.

Today the little shit stuck one in about 5 strides out from a jump and this one really bloody hurts. I think I have damaged a ligament in my hip. Can not lift my leg up to get my foot off the ground. I had to retire from the field. This is before even the first jump.

To get home with the kids was also a bit of a saga. Helen very kindly drove my bus with me, kids and horse home as I can not lift my foot from the floor of the car onto the clutch. Try as I may I could not lift it. I have a manual so using my hand to lift my leg while changing gears is certainly not an option. Bruce drove Helen's truck behind us to pick up Helen from my home.
Kym has been particularly uncaring and has no compassion at all. All I need was a real hug and asked "what can I do to help?".

Just to top it all off I have an ear infection that started really giving me the willies this arvo.

So I need to see the doc tomorrow and I'll bet my bottom dollar I wont be able to drive myself in, and Kym wont help. AT ALL. Gosh he is a total prick at times. Could happily kick him up the arse if it wouldn't hurt me.

My pain threshold is pretty damn high and I don't let on much how things hurt, I just block it out and get on with it. But this one has me stumped. I was asked how come I'm still smiling and laughing at the hunt today after the incident. Didn't tell them it's a bloody big front, and that I am just bloody bawling on the inside. I really belive in mind over matter.

See what the doc says tomorrow. Will have to drive into Cummins without changing out of first gear.

by the light of day.

This one came together from Challenge 11 on E2C. BUT, I skimmed read the criteria and missed the bit about not basing this on a sketch - which is of course, what I based this one on. Whoopsie. Was supposed to base it on an actual LO based on a sketch. In other words to scraplift a LO, not a sketch. The sketch is from www.pencillines.com , based on sketch no.92 by Kelly Purkey.

Oh well. I have another page done and I'll need to do a fresh one for the challenge.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 Loaves Bakery Scrap nite

Next Friday Ladies. August 8th from 5.30p to 11pm ish. You can bring tea or order it that day for that night by ringing the bakery on 8676 2408.
I have 3 seats left at this stage.
Lindy, our Stampin' Up consultant, will be there with the newly released catalogue of all the latest season stamp designs.
email me to book your butt to a seat.