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Monday, August 4, 2008


well, they dont really know yet what it up with my hip. Was able to drive myself in to the Docs this arvo. I could pivot my heel and push down on the clutch and the clutch pushes my foot back up. I still cant lift my foot up tho.

Xray on Thursday to hopefully eliminate fractured pelvis. Sounds rather dramatic but I really reckon its ligament damage. We will see.

Thanks M for your kind offer but was rather relieved to find my driving wings were not clipped. I'd be desperate for ice coffee and would turn into a raging green ogre without it


See what shows up on Thursday. Thanks goodness for codeine panadol caps.

Oh by the way, now I know why kids scream with ear infections. Giving me more grief than the hip. Imagine one ear full of water, capped by an ear plug and talking in a tin shed with constant whistling. Bloody draining.


amanda said...

shit Tiff.

sorry to hear about your dramas with Gerry! OMG at that fall!! I really hope your hip gets better and better each day. You poor chooken.

Ear infections are horrible. Ihope you are onto the a/bs and they will kick in very soon.

Let me know if you want anything done - although we have been struck with food poisoning in this household - so not that active either :(

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Tiff !
I hope you're back on track very soon.
Kylie Shep