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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

indulging my addiction

this LO came together for an Indulgences sub call for Scrapbook Memories. It's a hybrid LO.
I photographed my ice coffee sitting on a white freezer against a white wall. Then i sized it to fit as a 5x7 pic on the 12x12 white bazzil CS. Played with levels, curves, brightness and contrast. Used the really soft edged dodge tool to blend the ice coffee background into the cardstock so there are no definite edges. And had some fun with a brush.
The title is American Craft alphas and Heidi Swapp Fat Cat alphas. Ran some ribbon thru the printer, attached to lace which both are pinned to the CS with brads and hatpin.
There's a bit of a shadow from the pin when scanning so try to ignore that.
My current fav LO
and yes it does say on the ribbon 3 or 4 a day, every day. Lucky it's not real coffee. I'd be soooo wired.


Anonymous said...

tiff, does that say 3 or 4 a day???? surely not!!must say 3 or 4 a week?
I cant even have a normal coffee too late at night or Im awake til 2 in the morn.Only decaff after 8 at nite..
anyway gorgeous LO, theyre totally insane if they knock this one back!

Anonymous said...

whoops comment was from maryanne

Lisa said...

awesome - 3 or 4 a day! OMG, what a sugar rush!! LOL.

sandra said...

you photoshop queen!
Love the brushes and the photo is just awesome.. soooooo clever!
thought of buying the stuff by the pallet?
think of all the fuel you'd save!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Hi there Tiff - lovely to see you visit my blog and I'm so happy you left a comment. Hope you don'tmind me taking a peak at your blog too - you have some really great layouts here!

amanda said...

wow at 3-4 a day - so much milk!
your hip will be healed up in no time with all that extra calcium.

amanda said...

sorry to break it to you Tiff but it DOES contain caffeine....... it just didnt sound right to me that it didnt so i did some googling. (not to prove you wrong but just for my own curiosity)

this is from a site called 'national foods' and is Australian.


Farmers Union Iced coffee has 45 g per 250ml and the feelgood has the same amount (that is for 250 not the bigger size)

:) Tiff said...

there you go. Learn something new every day. Thanks A. 'Google Queen'

sandra said...

no wonder you are still up and buzzing at 1.30 in the morning Tiff!