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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jerry bucked me off again.

For those of you who don't know, I am a hunter. That is riding a bit like they do in England for the fox hunts. But we don't have hounds, and we very rarely see a fox, or a roo for that matter. Too damn noisy and the critters would hear the hoofbeats and chatter a mile off.

So back to Jerry. That's my horse. All 17hh of him (just a tad shorter than PharLap). He has taken to bucking in the last few weeks. Not just pigroots but fair dinkum serious bucking. The first one I stuck. That was 3 weeks ago. The second one last week was 1 stride after a jump so I was not quite back settled in the saddle and I flew in the air. That hurt a bit.

Today the little shit stuck one in about 5 strides out from a jump and this one really bloody hurts. I think I have damaged a ligament in my hip. Can not lift my leg up to get my foot off the ground. I had to retire from the field. This is before even the first jump.

To get home with the kids was also a bit of a saga. Helen very kindly drove my bus with me, kids and horse home as I can not lift my foot from the floor of the car onto the clutch. Try as I may I could not lift it. I have a manual so using my hand to lift my leg while changing gears is certainly not an option. Bruce drove Helen's truck behind us to pick up Helen from my home.
Kym has been particularly uncaring and has no compassion at all. All I need was a real hug and asked "what can I do to help?".

Just to top it all off I have an ear infection that started really giving me the willies this arvo.

So I need to see the doc tomorrow and I'll bet my bottom dollar I wont be able to drive myself in, and Kym wont help. AT ALL. Gosh he is a total prick at times. Could happily kick him up the arse if it wouldn't hurt me.

My pain threshold is pretty damn high and I don't let on much how things hurt, I just block it out and get on with it. But this one has me stumped. I was asked how come I'm still smiling and laughing at the hunt today after the incident. Didn't tell them it's a bloody big front, and that I am just bloody bawling on the inside. I really belive in mind over matter.

See what the doc says tomorrow. Will have to drive into Cummins without changing out of first gear.


Lisa said...

Oh Bugga Tiff, wish I lived closer so I could come and help. Men can be very stuborn at times. Hope the doc helps with the ear infection and can give you something for the pain in your hip! (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

sandra said...

Oh no Tiff! You sound really down!(and pissed off! lol)
I DO live nearby and I CAN help.. so call me okay???
Maybe Kym is so used to you being so self reliant he is not used to being needed... maybe let him know..(not making excuses for him tho!)

maryanne said...

bloody horses..and bloody men hey??
bad luck on the fall though, hope the hips alright, and the ear too!!!let us know how you get on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiffie ;D, sorry to hear that Jerry is being a pain. Hope you feel better real soon. *BIG paigey Hugs* love you so very muchly. *more hugs* mwah. Paige. xXx