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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hip to be square.

stuff me.

I have a little piece of bone broken off my hip and is floating around.

This is from my bucked off (no, i am not swearing) saga a week ago.

I can't feel it and I did go hunting on last Sunday.

Saw the Doc on Monday for my ear (which is still no better) and that's when she told me. I can't feel it yet but I spose at some stage when I am old and feeble I will.

Ahh bugger it, live your life now is my motto.


Lisa said...

Oh Tiff, this is not good! I guess if you can't feel it, thats a plus. I've got a bit of bone off my left ankle floating around somewhere too............but still playing netball and you're still riding, so YOU GO GIRL! LOL! NOt good about the ears still - hopefully anti-biotics kick in soon.

SueP said...

OMG Tiff, i have just read the whole thing, i didn;t know you had been tossed off and hurt SOOO badly!! Was this while we were away?? How is it going?? So this means hunting is out for rest of this year??