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Thursday, August 7, 2008

grandies mini book

At my Hunt Club Christmas in July dinner we held a goods auction.

I offered a scrapped personalised mini book on any subject within reason. It raised $50. I recieved the photo files to go in it just the other day. So I have been madly pulling this together the last few nights.

Much rather scrap than boring things like accounts and the monthly reconcile.

There are a 10 pics all in all. I couldn't cull down any further.I reckon it came up a treat. Better than I hoped.

Now..... challenge 11 on e2c blog. Must get onto that before I look at the intray on the office desk....

The pink dymo is actually a Photoshop brush. I pulled the pink using the eyedropper from some of the PP. I set the background to black by using the paintbucket. I resized the brush to 150 which gave me each letter at 1cm. This was printed onto 4x6 landscape photo paper and then cut out. Pretty cool I reckon.


sandra said...

ummm... the comments page has changed!!!
Anyway great mini album Tiff..
I'm sure the lucky recipient is going to cherish it!

:) Tiff said...

Yep. u r right. Blogger now at last made the comment page stay on screen with the post so u can see both without flipping between pages.
so much better.