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Sunday, January 31, 2010


After flicking thru this months Creating Keepsakes (January 2010, Vol 15, Iss 1) I just had to try this one.

On pg 84 is a digi LO by Deena Wuest (CK 2010 Dream Team) called My Superhero.

What I was really drawn to was the use of the Alpha in the photo and adding text to make it into a word later. While I was up in Spotlight the other day I grabbed an A and a S with a photoshoot in mind.

Today has been a wonderfully lazy Sunday and its not very often Kym is home all day. So with him holding the backdrop made taking these shots really really easy and super quick.

hmmmm. still working out Photoshop Camera Raw. the pink top is very blaahhh. looked fine on the other puter but not here. ***edited to add*** changed pic to BW. much better. may do the same to Sean's yet. and yes, I'll be fiddling with the pics tonight for the fuji lab in Lincoln lab on Wednesday.)

I usually scrap in chronological order. Thats just me and my particular way of order. Not putting anyone else's rhythm of scrapping down at all!! Usually I have about a years photos in advance ready to scrap. This has been whittled down from the norm being 18 months later lol. I can see myself grabbing these pics and working with them to get them ready to scrap much sooner than later. Jumping the queue so to speak. My juices are flowing with this idea.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

method:squeeze well by hand

I think I'm having a Sean-a-thon as far as scrapping goes. The next one has him in it too.

The journaling says it all for this one.

ps. Thanks Sandra for the cooking patterned paper. mwah. And I scanned the imperial measurements from an old cook book and printed it on a brown paper bag.

Friday, January 29, 2010

he loves her pink slippers

I went up to Whyalla today to have my right knee looked at (again) and my left hip.

Both have been giving me a bit of curry esp the hip as I'm using my left leg more to compensate for my right knee. And I already have a very stuffed left knee thats had bits taken out and staples put in years and years ago. (they're still in there!!)

If I can stick it out till I'm 50 (and that is really only a decade away even tho I cant imagine being 50) then I'm looking at a total knee replacement. Probably on both knees. It will more successful then if I dont have a series of small ops now.

And as far as the hip goes, (gulp) its the start of arthritis. And a bit of hip displaysia. Annie had it when she was tested as a newborn, its when the hip pops in and out of its socket. These days its treated as Annie's was by hip splints for 10-12 weeks. Mine wasn't treated as an infant and now I'm starting to pay for it. I can resort to cortisone injections if it gets bad enough and it looks like hip replacement down the track too. LOL. I would be like the bionic woman with an artificial skeleton if this keeps up.

Oh and just to cap it all off, I'm having another cortisone injection in my right shoulder next week and then one in my left a fortnight after that.

Man I tell ya. If you are 38 now, seriously consider skipping 39 and go straight into being 40.

This last year as really sucked health wise. My body really has spat the chewie and packed up. I'm on a bit of a downer atm as it really pisses me off that I physically cant do what I could do only a couple of years ago. And not only cant do it, it bloody hurts trying too. And as for asking Kym' s help with anything.....hmmmffffpp. I might as well ask a stobie pole for all the good it does me.

I'm bloody near convinced that my riding days are over. I'm giving passing thoughts on selling all the saddlery and the horse float. I'll sleep on it and see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Have been doing lots of stuff and not much scrapping at all. But I have managed this one in the last couple of days. Nothing inspiring at all and very feminine for a boys LO, but it is about him and fluffy pink slippers.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

shoe tree additions

On our way from home to Lincoln is a tree near Wanilla that is festooned in shoes. I blogged about it ages ago and wondered why the shoes are up there in the first place. I had heard of many and varied reasons since then. One them was for an illegal purpose.

Sean has taken much delight calling out 'shoe tree Mum' has we head down to Lincoln. So to give it a bit more reason to him and Annie, we have hung their worn out shoes up there with the others.

I hung Annie's pink sneakers a few weeks ago and tonight Kym tied up Sean's blue thongs that have had it.

Now his trips to Lincoln have a landmark for him!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

happy sad wednesday

Wednesday is Sean's first day of transitional Kindy. He is so excited to go, to be a big boy, to come home on the bus. For me I am so sad inside. He is my baby boy and tomorrow he becomes a Kindy boy.

I have had a little companion with me for the last 7 years with Annie being little, before Sean came along. I have always had a little person talk to me and to talk to, share games and play with, to cuddle and cry with. I have had times of frustration and wishing for adult company too, don't get me wrong. But I have been very blessed with my children. They really are good kids and fairly low maintenance.

He has been my shadow. With Kym working away off farm a lot, Sean and I have bonded so closely together. I will miss my right hand man, that little body sitting in his booster in the back seat, his energy, and most especially his unconditional cuddles and him telling me he loves me. I will miss that little soft smooth spot on his neck that I just adore. I'll miss his impish smile, that little evil laugh and I will just miss him for being him.

Even though transitional Kindy is only 2 hours once a week for Term 1, it is the first little step of him growing up and away from me. Away from my teachings, influences and guardianship. Away from my protection of him from the big bad bits of the world out there.

I am finding this so bloody tough to get over. Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I am such a soft touch and my heart is on my sleeve. In the past I have taken out my frustrations in a physical way. I am ashamed to say I have galloped a horse into the ground when I was very stressed with my parents marriage break up years ago. I dive into activities in a very deep way. So I am hoping to turn this into a positive. Another Mum has her youngest starting tomorrow too, and while the kids are at Kindy, we are riding our bikes. 2 hours of physical toil I hope will put my demon to rest each week, while I am separated from Sean.

I also popped Sean into his Kindy clothes and bag today so it wouldn't be so much of a shock for me tomorrow. And so Kym could see him in his uniform as Kym's working off farm tomorrow. He looks far to little to be allowed to go. His legs seem too thin, his bag looks far too big and he shouldn't just go. But I must let him. I must let my tight fisted grip on the apron string slip just a little bit.

Annie starts Year 2 this year and I am very proud to say she LOVES school. She is just eating books, and devours maths. I covered her books the other night. I found some beautiful pink flocked contact a couple of weeks ago, but sadly I was one roll short. And I haven't found any extras in any of the shops during this last week. I love contact. I think I have found an extremely easy knack of putting it on and I am proud to say her books do not posses one single wrinkle. No mean feat me thinks ;o)

I am dreading Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 foot of firth - seans

one for his book

tunarama 2010

Each year Kym shoots at the 2 day Tunarama Shoot. The kids and I travel down for Tunarama Saturday. We go to watch Kym shoot...

watch the street parade and this year the kids and I had a ride in the helicopter....

We head back out to the Clay Target Club for a sumptuous seafood feast, go back into town with Kym in tow to watch the fireworks....

And then we head on home. By this time the kids and Kym are usually asleep while I get the lucky job of driving home.

btw....Kym shot really well this weekend and won the Club High Gun award (top score) and the Max Curtis Memorial Cup.

thats my man!!

moon - take 3.

I have been one very very lucky girl. I asked on FB for any help to locate and borrow a 600mm telescopic lens to shoot the moon with. I need to emulate a photo that has really Inspried me for my homework and I found this one which used that lens. www found here (I'm not sure if you need to be a forum member to view this). Wonderful educational site to learn your camera BTW.

Mr B, via Mrs B on FB, very very kindly offered me the use of his telescope with a 703mm lens attached. That was at about 9pm last night. About 10.15pm last night and approx 60km later, I was framing up the moon thru his telescope and caught this.

Not quite the same, that would be just too boring. (after having a good look at it, I think his moon is upside down to mine, otherwise it does look fairly similar)

What an awesome experience. I learnt HEAPS, asked a lot of questions, and gazed at the moon in awe.

To the Mr and Mrs B, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am very grateful to you.

Monday, January 25, 2010

shooting for the moon

take 2.

This is really a practice run for when we have a full moon in a week so I can catch it in its full splendor. (hopefully) and finish assignment 7. I must add the the new lens with the new camera worked a treat with this one. much better than take 1.

lots of pics from the Tunarama weekend. am working on a couple of special ones. lol. will show later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

R & P + M & D

I am so lucky to have had so many photogenic families want to see me. And this family was no exception. Smiles all round, a lot of laughter, pulling of faces, poking out tongues and winks. And that's just me lol. I have so much fun playing with the kids. And when Mum and Dad get in on it, its just a blast.

Thanks guys. This is just a small taste of what you'll get on your DVD of photos (too many for a CD lol). Your BW preference is awesome btw. Its classic and timeless!!

(one of my faves!)

LOTS more to squizz at on Tiff Firth Photography on Face Book.

6 foot of firth

I scrapped. Finally. Have so busy with one thing and another that my scrap desk was feeling neglected. I went down to Lincoln to my usual scrap nite out with the girls (waves), and completed this one and made a good start on the next one.

shit it felt good.

Annie had a bit of a sleep in this morning. She either had a late night in the tent or she liked it so much she just wanted to stay there this morning. It was supposed to be Sean's turn tonight, but I spy a little boy in his bedroom when I got home from scrapping. And the big girl is having another night out. And what a warm night it is. Perfect for tenting.

Today saw us processing a photo shoot, picking up Annie's school books, a hair cut for Sean and a  dip in the pool before Kym took them out to Drummond while I went down to Lincoln.

I love a busy life

Hope to post a sneak peek of the photos tomorrow, in between covering the school books.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

camp firth

With a little help from my FB friends I managed to borrow to little 2 man tent for Annie. She has wanted to camp out for aaggeeessss and has been talking about it a number of times during these summer holidays. Kym is not the camping type of guy. He's had many many hours in his swag over the years and is over it. He's been 'anti-camping' with Annie forever so I was a bit suprised that with a  little bit of persuasion he's in the tent tonight with Annie. And swagging it.

Camp Firth is on the front lawn (I did turn off the automated sprinklers for the night!!).

Set up was remarkably easy and quick.

the stash of essential supplies

the evening's entertainment

Sean's turn tomorrow night and as I happen to be in Lincoln for scrapping, Kym gets tent duty again. lucky thing (not). I'm thinking of now investing in an easy 4 man tent for when the kids have visitors over as something different for them. When its a nice night of course. Or use it as the sin bin if the've been naughty lol.

Annie has just been wriggling with excitement all day to get in it so I guess it'll be a while before she nods of to sleep.

We went to watch the Tooth Fairy yesterday. T and R came along for the ride. I even ran the Woolies gauntlet without any hassles. Great kids and they all get along so well.

Today was a photo session for me this morning, in the pool with the kids this arvo. Annie is diving off the blocks today, and Sean is now jumping in feet first of the side in the big pool. Their confidence is overflowing this summer. Makes me so proud. I guess we'll be in the pool tomorrow as its warming up for the day. Oh and to pick up Annie's school books. I reckon it'll be contact day on Friday.

have a good one.

Monday, January 18, 2010


ugghhh. the downside of being away on holidays is the overflowing intray of bills that need to be dealt with. sigh. no scrapping tonight.

oh and thank you for all the FB love. I'm finding a lot of my blog comments happen there rather than on my actual blog. lol

Any comment is nice but that's not why I post. I just finished setting up my photos for print from our 2009 Tumby holidays. (that's right, the beginning of 2009, a whole year ago) and I went to my posts from back then to journal for the photos. Just like a diary but it happens to be cyber one. lol. I have often gone back to find out the little details that I had forgotten with time. It's a very handy tool.

have a great last week of school holidays.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

holi (day) 15 - sunday

Such as it was. After a bit of a sleep in, bacon and egg breakfast in bed (doesn't get any better than that), we packed the last of our things into our vehicles (gotta love canopies!!!!!!!!!!!)

(still getting a handle on the new camera *wink*)
 at 10am and bid our cabin and Tumby Bay farewell.

Isn't it amazing that when you see something all the time, you don't really see it anymore. So when you've been away you can come back and see things with fresh eyes. (A bit like scrapping when you leave it on the table, walk away and come back to the project later).

That's how it felt when we came back home. All the little things that make our house a home. The warm fuzzy feeling coming up the driveway, familiar objects in the rooms and funnily enough, for me it was the timber floor in my office/scrap room. Of all things!??! I wonder if its because I spend a lot of time in there with farm business as well as my scrap time and processing photo shoots.

And I also noticed the state of the floors. Ugh! I'm not a house proud person and I certainly don't clean the house top to bottom when I know there are visitors coming. shit no. What you see is what you get. So on the odd occasion when the cleaning bug hits me, look out and for goodness sake, don't stand in my way. You would be likely to be knocked over by my elbow, broom or mop. This 'bug' doesn't hit that often, but when it does, I don't stop until it is done. Kym (bless his socks) took the kids to town to deliver the boat back to its rightful owners to give me space to go for it. And now it looks so much better.

Everything is unpacked, washed and will dry tomorrow. A very satisfying day.

.... but I would still rather be over in Tumby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

holi (day) 14 - saturday

We had a big pancake breakfast this morning to celebrate our nearly last day of holidays. We'll be a bit busy packing on Sunday morning to worry about pancakes so we had them today.


We collected together some of the bigger stuff and Kym with Sean took a Ute and boat full home. That really took the pressure off in the morning. I had to clean out the back of my Ute as it had turned from a farm bus into a beach bus. So much sand lol.

Annie and I rode the bikes around town. Poor bloss, she struggled a bit pedaling against the breeze. She so deserved her ice cream  ;)

When Sean came back and while it was overcast I took the kids out for a last minute photoshoot against some really lovely backdrops.

A bit of a non event day today compared to most other days. It was just too cool and too breezy for the beach or jetty. And besides packing up some of the gear, nothing else was planned.

I'm feeling a bit sad that this is our last night. But this has been our best holidays ever as a family. We have done so much stuff with lots of relaxing time too. Annie's highlight according to her was the Blue Light Disco last night. Sean said his favorite thing was the water slide at the Leisure Centre. Mine would have to be having my very good friends come over to spend time with me. Mwah to you. I haven't asked Kym but I would think it might be just relaxing without having to rush off anywhere. Its a pity the fish weren't biting better for him.

I can thoroughly recommend the Bayside Cabins at Tumby Bay as very affordable comfortable accommodation for your next holiday. We now have a permanent booking for the next 5 years.  (gotta plan ahead *wink*)

holi (day) 13 - friday

Kym mentioned this morning how much he's enjoying our lazy mornings lately. Meaning not getting up by such and such a time to get to somewhere by so and so. And I really have to agree. Even skipping the bike ride to sleep in and to have the kids jump in on us (with both of us there, not just Kym because I'm out on the bike) is wonderful. Even if I do feel a bit guilty by not being out there pedaling my butt off.

Annie and Kym went out for the day fishing, so Sean and I went to the beach mid morning. It was lovely.

We had lunch back at the cabin with J, Paige's Mum. Great to catch up and as always, its been too long between one visit and the next.

Sean and I had a lazy arvo before the fisher persons came back in with their days catch. 3 whole fish. Whoo Hooo. (not). Annie, bless her, has learnt the meaning of patience through fishing. And of course after fishing comes feeding the pelicans

I took off to take some shots of under the jetty. I have been really inspired by Maryanne who has such an eye and who really has the hang of textures in Photoshop. Go on, have a look at her stuff. Its breath taking.

I'll work on my shots later. But I'll pop this one on here. I have always really been taken with the peeling paint on the railings and posts on the jetty, but hadn't got round to catching it with the camera. Today was the day.

And one using the timer.

This evening was the Blue Light Disco at the Yacht Club. It's aimed at the 5 to 14 year olds. Annie went last year and loved it, so I hoped it would happen for her this year. And it did. She has been singing all sorts of songs and busting a dance move or two in the last couple of days leading up to tonight. She was so excited.

Brigette S came down from their holiday home up the coast with two of her kids to go to the disco too. I was very relieved that Annie had friends to be there with.

So while the respective hubbies had the other kids, Brigette and I sat under the jetty with a bottle of wine and cameras. Lots of laughs and solving of the world's problems. Oh and a few photos taken too (lol lots).

A good mate, a bottle of wine, a couple of cameras, a jetty, no kids = nothing better.

The kids were on a such a high when we picked them up that so time to chill out and calm down a bit was on the books. We all came back to the cabin where they met Max (Annie's guinea pig who is here on holiday with us), had a drink and told us ALL about the disco.

We are on the count down to be back home. 2 more sleeps according to the kids. I would really love to stay for a bit longer but Kym has building jobs that are getting pressing. Shhhh, don't tell him but I have pushed our holidays out an extra couple of days next year.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

holi (day) 12 -thursday

Another lazy morning sleep in. I woke up by the alarm to go for a ride on the comfy seat ;o) treadly, but I just turned it off, rolled over and went back to sleep. I just couldn't be bothered.

10.30 saw us at the local bakery meeting up with B (waves) and her daughter. Milkshakes all round.

We went and cruised some shops for bits and pieces. Looked at lots of these.

After we parted ways I spotted the Mayor's Chair in the main street. What a perfect prop.

Quick lunch, and then the last day of Vac Swim. Annie just loved the wave boards

and she collected her certificate at the end of her lesson. Level 3 all done and dusted!!

After shampoo and conditioning those luscious long locks, Annie had a hair cut.

Check out the gorgeous genuine Barber's chair she sat in.

Tonight sees the kids and Kym out for tea and I'm in Lincoln at Scrapworkz sitting across from Leonie and Gina.  (waves)

and that's Thursday.