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Monday, January 25, 2010

shooting for the moon

take 2.

This is really a practice run for when we have a full moon in a week so I can catch it in its full splendor. (hopefully) and finish assignment 7. I must add the the new lens with the new camera worked a treat with this one. much better than take 1.

lots of pics from the Tunarama weekend. am working on a couple of special ones. lol. will show later.


Karyn Kuniyuki said...

This is a great shot Tiff! What kind of lens were you using? I was not afterall using my wide angle, I had my 24-70mm on at the time for those landscapes. Hope you have a neat landscape in which to shoot the moon rising, it always looks most full at the horizon when it comes up or again when it sets. Can't wait to see what you get!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff

I discovered you on Facebook and absolutely love your lunar photos. I was just wondering what lenses you've used?

Also, I was wondering if you've done any stellar or weather photography?

The Night Flower

:) Tiff said...

HIya Ladies. JazZ. I tried to answer your question through your live journal but I really didnt know where to go to leave a comment. Sorry.

Hi Karyn. waves. thanks for coming on over to see what I get up to. Where I live doesnt really have any exciting landscapes for moon rise or set. Nothing like yours at least!!

the lens is a Canon 75-300mm IS.


tripod. manual focous.
lots of cropping in photoshop. (that's the trick.)