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Friday, January 29, 2010

he loves her pink slippers

I went up to Whyalla today to have my right knee looked at (again) and my left hip.

Both have been giving me a bit of curry esp the hip as I'm using my left leg more to compensate for my right knee. And I already have a very stuffed left knee thats had bits taken out and staples put in years and years ago. (they're still in there!!)

If I can stick it out till I'm 50 (and that is really only a decade away even tho I cant imagine being 50) then I'm looking at a total knee replacement. Probably on both knees. It will more successful then if I dont have a series of small ops now.

And as far as the hip goes, (gulp) its the start of arthritis. And a bit of hip displaysia. Annie had it when she was tested as a newborn, its when the hip pops in and out of its socket. These days its treated as Annie's was by hip splints for 10-12 weeks. Mine wasn't treated as an infant and now I'm starting to pay for it. I can resort to cortisone injections if it gets bad enough and it looks like hip replacement down the track too. LOL. I would be like the bionic woman with an artificial skeleton if this keeps up.

Oh and just to cap it all off, I'm having another cortisone injection in my right shoulder next week and then one in my left a fortnight after that.

Man I tell ya. If you are 38 now, seriously consider skipping 39 and go straight into being 40.

This last year as really sucked health wise. My body really has spat the chewie and packed up. I'm on a bit of a downer atm as it really pisses me off that I physically cant do what I could do only a couple of years ago. And not only cant do it, it bloody hurts trying too. And as for asking Kym' s help with anything.....hmmmffffpp. I might as well ask a stobie pole for all the good it does me.

I'm bloody near convinced that my riding days are over. I'm giving passing thoughts on selling all the saddlery and the horse float. I'll sleep on it and see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Have been doing lots of stuff and not much scrapping at all. But I have managed this one in the last couple of days. Nothing inspiring at all and very feminine for a boys LO, but it is about him and fluffy pink slippers.
Have a great weekend.


Kirsty said...

very very gentle (((hugs))) hang in there sweet friend. You are SO strong! It must be so disheartening:(
Love the LO!

Tanya said...

Sorry you had that news from the Ortho - not something that anyone wants to hear - here's hoping they hold out a bit longer than that!!!
Love these letter photo's up further - what a great idea!! you might just have to get yourself an alphabet for the props - i can see the alphabet plus some numbers sitting around the kid and then they're holding their 'letter' or 'number'.....