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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

holi (day) 2 - Monday

I rode out to the silos and back on the deadly treadly early this morning. I should add that I have borrowed a bike for the holidays and after today I am waiting very impatiently for Clusters to reopen for the new year. The one that has very kindly been loaned to me (Mwah S) is a tad too small for me and by crickey, my butt hurt after. I'll stick it out and work up to my goal of doing the Tumby Triangle. As Kym says, small bites are sweet.

I dropped off Annie to Beach Mission this morning (for the locals chicks, this is a bit like Xroads but on a much larger scale. They have about 100 kids of varying ages each day for 5 days. This doesn't include the Teenagers who go there each evening until 10pm.) I really take my hat off to the amazing leaders within this group. And I was so very reassured to see some local leaders from home here as leaders too. Familiar faces for Annie.

Sean and Kym went fishing. They had a successful morning. At first Sean was telling me that one of the fish he caught was this big......

hardy hardy haa!! This is much more believable.

I tided up the cabin during the morning and edited a bunch of photos for scrapping. I tend to do this in batches and this holiday gives me time (at least this week) to get a lot of them done (all of 2009 with luck)

Annie and Sean swapped over in the boat at lunch. I dashed back home to grab some things that I had left behind, but I was sprung. Yes M, that was me you spied in the main street. lol. (cya on Tues!!!  :oD )

When we hit the coast again I took Sean up the jetty for a bit of  a looksie. And of course I took the camera.

Paige visited us and stayed for tea. While the fisher persons ate their day's catch (the rest is in the fridge to be smoked later) she and I scoffed into Hamburgers. yum. Back on the treadly tomorrow!!!!

Vac Swim starts here on Tuesday and I'm catching up with some budding photographers for a photo shoot later on in the arvo.

Its gonna be a top day. oh and the weather is AWESOME!!


maryanne r said...

heck tiff, the colors in these are just stunning, so beautiful!

SueP said...

Have a good holiday Tiff!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

:) Tiff said...

thanks Mary... and yep Sue, I sure will.

thanks anon.