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Sunday, January 10, 2010

holi (day) 6-friday

Firstly apologies for not posting Friday's blog on Friday night. I had a big girl's night out last night and there was no way I was blogging at 3.30 in the morning. 6 of us got together, wined and dined and chatted A LOT. Myself and 2 other girls have been getting together during the summer holidays over the last 3 years and its just like we pick up where we left off. Had a rippa of a night.

Rode the butt bruiser bike for an hour first thing Friday morning. Stepped off being very quivery lol. It must be doing me some good. Isn't it???? Hell I hope so, as I am not riding for the fun of it.

Sean decided to skip fishing again so Annie was given the choice of Mission or fishing. Fishing won! Sean and I did stuff together for the morning. We met Annie and Kym at Second Creek and swapped kids over. Annie had Vac swim to come back in for, and Sean decided that he was now ready for fishing.

After Vac Swim Annie has been having an ice-cream each day. I have been a very good girl and refrained from such indulgences. LOL. But it does sure look good.

After showering off and getting changed, the kids and I ripped back to home to pick up a parcel that I have been waiting for. Yay. The new lens had arrived to replace the one I'm selling along with the Canon 400D body and the other lens that was part of the twin lens kit. Just one more box to come. Fingers crossed the 50D should be here on Monday.

By the time we got back from town it was time for me to get ready to head out with the girls.

Another full day in Paradise.

stay cool

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