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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

camp firth

With a little help from my FB friends I managed to borrow to little 2 man tent for Annie. She has wanted to camp out for aaggeeessss and has been talking about it a number of times during these summer holidays. Kym is not the camping type of guy. He's had many many hours in his swag over the years and is over it. He's been 'anti-camping' with Annie forever so I was a bit suprised that with a  little bit of persuasion he's in the tent tonight with Annie. And swagging it.

Camp Firth is on the front lawn (I did turn off the automated sprinklers for the night!!).

Set up was remarkably easy and quick.

the stash of essential supplies

the evening's entertainment

Sean's turn tomorrow night and as I happen to be in Lincoln for scrapping, Kym gets tent duty again. lucky thing (not). I'm thinking of now investing in an easy 4 man tent for when the kids have visitors over as something different for them. When its a nice night of course. Or use it as the sin bin if the've been naughty lol.

Annie has just been wriggling with excitement all day to get in it so I guess it'll be a while before she nods of to sleep.

We went to watch the Tooth Fairy yesterday. T and R came along for the ride. I even ran the Woolies gauntlet without any hassles. Great kids and they all get along so well.

Today was a photo session for me this morning, in the pool with the kids this arvo. Annie is diving off the blocks today, and Sean is now jumping in feet first of the side in the big pool. Their confidence is overflowing this summer. Makes me so proud. I guess we'll be in the pool tomorrow as its warming up for the day. Oh and to pick up Annie's school books. I reckon it'll be contact day on Friday.

have a good one.


amyf said...

real camping is always better! nice shots!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a great time camping !!
My kids have been camping too in the holidays - that's if sleeping in a double swag in the boys room counts !! lol Kylie