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Sunday, January 31, 2010


After flicking thru this months Creating Keepsakes (January 2010, Vol 15, Iss 1) I just had to try this one.

On pg 84 is a digi LO by Deena Wuest (CK 2010 Dream Team) called My Superhero.

What I was really drawn to was the use of the Alpha in the photo and adding text to make it into a word later. While I was up in Spotlight the other day I grabbed an A and a S with a photoshoot in mind.

Today has been a wonderfully lazy Sunday and its not very often Kym is home all day. So with him holding the backdrop made taking these shots really really easy and super quick.

hmmmm. still working out Photoshop Camera Raw. the pink top is very blaahhh. looked fine on the other puter but not here. ***edited to add*** changed pic to BW. much better. may do the same to Sean's yet. and yes, I'll be fiddling with the pics tonight for the fuji lab in Lincoln lab on Wednesday.)

I usually scrap in chronological order. Thats just me and my particular way of order. Not putting anyone else's rhythm of scrapping down at all!! Usually I have about a years photos in advance ready to scrap. This has been whittled down from the norm being 18 months later lol. I can see myself grabbing these pics and working with them to get them ready to scrap much sooner than later. Jumping the queue so to speak. My juices are flowing with this idea.


sandra said...

I reckon go for it while the mojo has you with this idea!
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Kirsty said...

Oh i would TOTALLY jump the 'queue' for these pics :)

maryanne r said...

cool idea tiff.
looking forward to seeing these scrapped!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Tiff, very effective !

Jane said...

look great Tiff - lobve the letters. what do you use for backdrop to get it that dark?

:) Tiff said...

Jane. I asked Kym to hold up a black bed sheet that was folded over a couple of times. I also played with it in photoshop.

and the photos are at the lab as we speak.