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Friday, January 8, 2010

holi (day) 5 -thursday

The boat was left high and dry today. Sean decided that he didn't want to go fishing this morning so the boys kicked back, relaxed and lounged around for a while.

I'm not sure of what Kym's thoughts were when Sean tried to help him out with the Advertiser crossword. They ended up going for a run at the Playground by the caravan park and splash around on the sandbar.

Annie went to Beach Mission after I came back from the bike ride. I stepped it up a bit by switching to the next gear to pedal harder. Man, my legs were a-quivering when I got off an hour later.

Kym and I cruised around Tumby checking out the Real Estate and just having a bit of a look around the new homes that have been built during this last year.

Kym and the kids went to Vac Swim while I worked on processing photos for scrapping later.

It came in fairly warm this arvo and the sun had some bite in it. We ended up staying indoors for the afternoon and ventured out later on.

Annie's Beach Mission had their Family afternoon and evening today. While we missed the afternoon session, we were there for the Family night and the concert. It cooled off this evening and it was just lovely. They had bouncy castles, merry go round, volley ball, water pump balloons and a sausage sizzle on the oval. All amazingly for free.

Annie was in the first group which presented their skit on stage. She spied me with the camera so she promptly stood in the back row. Little minx.

Obviously I cant show that one with all the other kids in it, so this is of her in the crowd.

I have a girls night out Friday night so I am really looking forward to that!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, Happeeeeeeeeeeeeee New Year to you good friend and thankyou for all your well wishes, you are always a constant source of inspiration and frienship. I have taken a few pics today of the girls if you wanted to have a look on my blog, but not necessary. You will most likely think very beginner like, I have at least learnt to turn the dial on the top of the camera when the pic comes out blurry LOL. Cameras sure are technical things when you don't know what you are doing. Can't believe you are selling one of yours, I should have bought it off you, oh well, sure you will get a buyer with no trouble anyway. Love and friendship, thanks for all, Tiff other xxx.