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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

holi (day) 4 -wednesday

***eta another photo*** scroll down

ahhhh. another gorgeous day at the beach. I know its heating up and home and that just makes it a little bit sweeter to be here by the sea. Mind you, its going to be a stinker weekend coming up, beach or not, its gonna be filthy hot.

Last night around midnight (ish) I went out with the camera and tripod to keep me company to shoot the moon. This is part of my Assignment 7 of the photography course I'm studying. While I am not so happy with it yet, I'll give it another shot when the 50D body arrives along with the big arse IS zoom lens and then I'll compare the results before I send it the pic to complete the assignment.

Today Annie had Beach Mission, a quick bite of lunch and then Vac Swim. Sean fished with Kym until lunch, a quick bit of lunch and came with us girls to Vac Swim to watch Annie. Kym had some much needed time off from the kids this arvo. I had a most relaxing morning after the butt bruising deadly treadly ride.

We had the most delightful afternoon with J, S, M and the D man. My kids worship D, and for some reason he seems to like them a bit too. I think he's their new favorite. Sorry S and M, move aside please!! lol. We all  walked and talked and snapped a few pics off as we went. And then we all lazed on the beach, just soaking up good times. Thanks guys, it was the best.

J had a bit of a play with my camera and I have had a bit of a fiddle with the ones she took tonight. thanks for letting me post the one of the 'young adults' with my tinlids.

Bob also joined us on the beach today.

stay cool

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! at the photo of the moon Tiff !
It looks like you are all having a great time on your holiday.
Keep cool.