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Monday, January 11, 2010

holi (day) 9 - Monday

Man o Man was it hot. Stinking bloody hot. Windy and hot. Just Blahhh weather. We watched DVDs today and I worked on a bunch more photos.

My 50D was delivered to my door today. Thanks Z for bringing it over from home. Mwah. While waiting for the battery to charge I read the manual a bit. Need to read some more me thinks, different buttons and gizmo's everywhere.

Annie had her Vac Swim at 1.15p. She reckoned the sand was hot hot hot. And Kym reckoned you would have been sand blasted on the beach.

So we holed up some more.

Paige came in for a visit and she was a much needed distraction for the kids. Sean was just about climbing the walls.

By this time the breeze had swung and dropped out a fair bit. The temp was much cooler so we ventured out for a look at the beach. It was so lovely in the water. As I had left the swim bag back at the cabin the kids just went in with the clothes they had on. What the hell, it'll wash. I dashed back to the cabin to grab the beach stuff while Paige played with the kids.

The W family came over from home to cool off on the beach with us. By the time we had chilled out there for a bit the breeze was starting to pick up again. We came back to the cabin, cleaned up a bit and sat down to take away pizza.

Just on dusk the breeze had dropped right out, so we went down the road to the sandbar to feed the pelicans and seagulls. The kids being kids, and the water being so appealing, they got wet again.

S had a bit of a play with the camera and took some shots of me with Paige. Thanks chick, its not often I'm out behind the camera. Mwah.

More play, more wine, more chat.

The best way to end the day.
ps. thanks S and P for letting me post pics of you and yours.


sandra said...

Hi Tiff.
I'm Finally going to leave a comment..so slack
I have been popping in everyday and really enjoy reading your holiday updates.
Thanks for a great time yesterday..and thanks for letting me have a go with your new baby.. sooooo nice!
Gotta go.. night shift.. looking forward to the next instalment lol and what you have been doing with your new camera.

sandra said...

and ps...
Sooooo glad I trimmed my toenails yesterday morning!!! :O