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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

holi (day) 10 - tuesday

Oh my gosh. Stinking hot one day and soggy wet the next. We had 20mm here overnight so would you believe I had spin out the beach towels from being outside overnight and put them thru the tumble dryer this morning. But it was so nice to wake up to puddles and a cool breeze. In fact I didn't ride the bike this morning as I would have been pushed backwards.

Sean had a blast peddling like mad thru the puddles. He is such a boy.

This morning saw Granny come over to be with the kids while Kym and I went and did a house inspection on our rental property over here.After that we fed the seagulls with the left over bread from the last couple of days. Then we just chilled out for a bit, had lunch, did jigsaws and stuff.

By mid afternoon it was nicely overcast for a photoshoot around the place. I have being eying off a number of walls and fences the last few days waiting for the right time. Today was it.

With scoop ice cream as the incentive the kids were happy to do anything I asked. They were so good. I am sooo pleased with the results.

And for an extra bonus Redskin we went up the jetty to the platform to shoot some more. It was a bit breezy and cool so a bribery was called for.

I am so proud of my two. They will do whatever I ask for with little to no complaint. As long as there is a bonus in it for them. So I am taking full advantage of it while I can, as sooner or later, they wont be so happy to have me around them with a camera in hand.

A play in the playground was in order to warm up a bit before we headed back to our cabin. A warmer change of clothes and then we were off to the Excell Blacksmith and Engineering Museum open night. We went last year and it was well worth the visit this year.

The kids and I took Ross Story's Horse and Trolley ride back to the caravan park when we were ready to go.

Late tea, showers to wash off the face painting, cuddles and bed.

Another full day. Gosh we love it here.

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