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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

holi (day) 11 -wednesday

I woke up early to go for the butt burner bike ride.

When I got back to our cabin everyone was still asleep, so I showered off and put the pj's back on and climbed back into bed too. Woke up to eggs and bacon served in bed and hour and a half later. ahhh the bliss. And we are back in flannie jammies. We've gone from air con on 24/7 to needing a jumper this arvo with flannies at night time. So topsy turvey this season.

...riding the bike in pjs

We all had an ultra lazy morning this morning. We all climbed into the big bed and watch movies until lunch. It was just heavenly to spend time with the family and all the cuddles. Esp little boy kisses just cause he wants too. I am such a softie and he knows it!!!

Annie had Swim Vac early arvo and then we zoomed off to Lincoln for a birthday party at the Leisure Centre. I would have loved to take the camera but I thought it would be pretty pointless as Sean will want to go on the slide the whole time and I will need to be with him on that. So the camera stayed home, bugger it. Next time.

Oh and a new rule they've brought in down there. You need to be 1.15m tall to go on the slide unaccompanied. This really irks me. Annie was tall enough but the birthday boy wasn't. Nor some of his other friends there. So when our school has class excursions to the Leisure Centre, all the receptions and most of the Year 1's will be too small to go on it. What a pain in the arse for the teachers. I must make a mental note to let them know of this as I suspect they dont know about it yet.

After changing we managed to get in a couple of shops for stuff and then we headed back to the cabin.

Kym and 3 other guys this afternoon hosted about 30 blokes at the Ungarra Gun Club for a casual clay target shoot. This has been steadily growing over the last 3 years and the number now is just about overwhelming the fellas. I'm not sure how they want to handle it next year. Needless to say, they were flat out and Kym having one of our kids out there was not an option. He was just too busy to keep an eye on  them.

The kids and I started on our way out there after Lincoln but met them coming back in so we did a U turn. There goes another photo opportunity. Bugger it again.

Kym was pretty knackered when he got back here and he was snoring by 8pm.

have a great day tomorrow.
We will!!


maryanne r said...

annie and sean must be waterlogged by now I reckon?

love the pic of annie and kym, really sweet.
Are these with the new baby?

:) Tiff said...


sandra said...

Lol ask Kym if he can't handle the pace anymore...
Great shots Tiff.. your new camera and you are best friends already I see.
Love that shot of Kym and Annie too.

amyf said...

watch out for flying lollies