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Saturday, January 16, 2010

holi (day) 14 - saturday

We had a big pancake breakfast this morning to celebrate our nearly last day of holidays. We'll be a bit busy packing on Sunday morning to worry about pancakes so we had them today.


We collected together some of the bigger stuff and Kym with Sean took a Ute and boat full home. That really took the pressure off in the morning. I had to clean out the back of my Ute as it had turned from a farm bus into a beach bus. So much sand lol.

Annie and I rode the bikes around town. Poor bloss, she struggled a bit pedaling against the breeze. She so deserved her ice cream  ;)

When Sean came back and while it was overcast I took the kids out for a last minute photoshoot against some really lovely backdrops.

A bit of a non event day today compared to most other days. It was just too cool and too breezy for the beach or jetty. And besides packing up some of the gear, nothing else was planned.

I'm feeling a bit sad that this is our last night. But this has been our best holidays ever as a family. We have done so much stuff with lots of relaxing time too. Annie's highlight according to her was the Blue Light Disco last night. Sean said his favorite thing was the water slide at the Leisure Centre. Mine would have to be having my very good friends come over to spend time with me. Mwah to you. I haven't asked Kym but I would think it might be just relaxing without having to rush off anywhere. Its a pity the fish weren't biting better for him.

I can thoroughly recommend the Bayside Cabins at Tumby Bay as very affordable comfortable accommodation for your next holiday. We now have a permanent booking for the next 5 years.  (gotta plan ahead *wink*)

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Karyn Kuniyuki said...

Awwww, that last shot of siblings is just a total heart stopper. I love the way their hands are clasped behind her back, so natural that they aren't looking at the camera, makes me feel like you caught a real moment and not a composed one (so hard sometimes with kiddos/siblings). This image is just beautifully post processed, nice work.