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Saturday, January 16, 2010

holi (day) 13 - friday

Kym mentioned this morning how much he's enjoying our lazy mornings lately. Meaning not getting up by such and such a time to get to somewhere by so and so. And I really have to agree. Even skipping the bike ride to sleep in and to have the kids jump in on us (with both of us there, not just Kym because I'm out on the bike) is wonderful. Even if I do feel a bit guilty by not being out there pedaling my butt off.

Annie and Kym went out for the day fishing, so Sean and I went to the beach mid morning. It was lovely.

We had lunch back at the cabin with J, Paige's Mum. Great to catch up and as always, its been too long between one visit and the next.

Sean and I had a lazy arvo before the fisher persons came back in with their days catch. 3 whole fish. Whoo Hooo. (not). Annie, bless her, has learnt the meaning of patience through fishing. And of course after fishing comes feeding the pelicans

I took off to take some shots of under the jetty. I have been really inspired by Maryanne who has such an eye and who really has the hang of textures in Photoshop. Go on, have a look at her stuff. Its breath taking.

I'll work on my shots later. But I'll pop this one on here. I have always really been taken with the peeling paint on the railings and posts on the jetty, but hadn't got round to catching it with the camera. Today was the day.

And one using the timer.

This evening was the Blue Light Disco at the Yacht Club. It's aimed at the 5 to 14 year olds. Annie went last year and loved it, so I hoped it would happen for her this year. And it did. She has been singing all sorts of songs and busting a dance move or two in the last couple of days leading up to tonight. She was so excited.

Brigette S came down from their holiday home up the coast with two of her kids to go to the disco too. I was very relieved that Annie had friends to be there with.

So while the respective hubbies had the other kids, Brigette and I sat under the jetty with a bottle of wine and cameras. Lots of laughs and solving of the world's problems. Oh and a few photos taken too (lol lots).

A good mate, a bottle of wine, a couple of cameras, a jetty, no kids = nothing better.

The kids were on a such a high when we picked them up that so time to chill out and calm down a bit was on the books. We all came back to the cabin where they met Max (Annie's guinea pig who is here on holiday with us), had a drink and told us ALL about the disco.

We are on the count down to be back home. 2 more sleeps according to the kids. I would really love to stay for a bit longer but Kym has building jobs that are getting pressing. Shhhh, don't tell him but I have pushed our holidays out an extra couple of days next year.



Anonymous said...

LURRRRVVVING your photos you are just getting better and better girl! I love the one of annie and the pelicans!!

you inspire and encourage me all the time to follow my heart and purchase a DSLR.. if only $$ would allow it.

glad you are having a wonderful time.

maryanne r said...

"aw shucks"

And I think youre shots are pretty fantastic.Love the one of annie with the pelican.Really love some of the new ones with annie and sean against some of those rustic walls!