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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

holi (day) 3 -tuesday

Meet Bob.

There's a bit of a story with Bob. She (yes, she's a she) was given to Annie when she was born 7 and a bit years ago. Last year Kym went to Roma QLD, for the National Clay Target Shooting Titles and Bob went with him. You see, Annie thought her Dad would be needing some company and his own personal cheer squad while he was away. Every day without fail Kym would send Annie a pic back to her via my mobile phone of what Bob had been doing that day. Kym does have a sense of humor and these pics delighted Annie no end.

Annie put Bob in Kym's Ute before he drove over for our holiday to keep him company. And so we are doing a 'Bob' pictorial daily diary for Annie's sake. Yesterday Bob had taken over the lappy for a while. Today she was checking out the jetty. Who knows what Bob will get up to tomorrow.

Maryanne came over for a visit this arvo. Great to catch up, sit back and chat away. We barely could be bothered to get the cameras out, but I did manage to catch this one. Such a lovely day here today. Nearly a bit chilly in the shade with the sea breeze. I think I'll be appreciating the breeze off the sea a lot more in the next few days when it really starts heating up at home.
cya tomorrow

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