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Sunday, January 10, 2010

holi (day) 7- saturday

After getting in late from the Big Girls Night out (did play Wii tennis and ten pin bowling back in one of the girls shack until 3.30a). The kids very kindly let me sleep in by sleeping in a bit themselves. Kym headed out early fishing, trying out a few new holes.

After the kids and I had ourselves sorted out with breakfast, getting dressed etc etc, we headed off to Lincoln for the day. Mainly to catch the bike shop for me and for the movies for the kids. The kids wanted to watch 'The Princess and the Frog'.

So at last I have a bike for my size with a suspension seat that is very comfy.

We came back to the cabin in the late arvo and it was fairly warm. I pulled the bike out of the back, and threw in the beach stuff and the picnic basket.

It was beautiful on the beach. Very relaxing on the sand in the shade of the big tree by the playground. Did see S at the playground with the 5 Grandies. Not sure who had who in tow, but she sure was busy.

The Firth crew hopped into chicken and salad when we were hungry and thirsty. (I had a glass of wine). And the kids went back in to splash around some more.

It was close to sunset when the kids and I went up the jetty to catch some glorious colour on the horizon. Those two kids are so tolerant of me when I have a camera in hand.

stay cool

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