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Friday, January 22, 2010

6 foot of firth

I scrapped. Finally. Have so busy with one thing and another that my scrap desk was feeling neglected. I went down to Lincoln to my usual scrap nite out with the girls (waves), and completed this one and made a good start on the next one.

shit it felt good.

Annie had a bit of a sleep in this morning. She either had a late night in the tent or she liked it so much she just wanted to stay there this morning. It was supposed to be Sean's turn tonight, but I spy a little boy in his bedroom when I got home from scrapping. And the big girl is having another night out. And what a warm night it is. Perfect for tenting.

Today saw us processing a photo shoot, picking up Annie's school books, a hair cut for Sean and a  dip in the pool before Kym took them out to Drummond while I went down to Lincoln.

I love a busy life

Hope to post a sneak peek of the photos tomorrow, in between covering the school books.


Anonymous said...

great Lo Tiff.. love the title!
love you LO in SC too, just had mine deliveered!!

sandra said...

Love the title too.. and the stamp circling it!
great to see some scrapping here again ;)