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Sunday, January 10, 2010

holi (day) 8- sunday

Man it was hot today. If it was hot here, it was hot everywhere. Thanks goodness for air con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up at 5.15am to catch the sunrise. (Yes I can get up that early, I just choose not too!!) I really wanted to catch the new day's colour with the jetty in the foreground. Well, by the time I got onto the shiny purple comfy seat treadly, I very nearly missed the whole show. So I ripped down to the sandbar which is about 100m away from the cabin and found it was just perfect. Very nearly a mirror.

So it must have been fate to send me there instead of the jetty. I'm still tossing up the idea of going out EARLIER tomorrow morning . Me thinks the alarm clock can go and get stuffed at the moment. LOL.

Kym went to Cowell to go crabbing today. I thought he was madder than a lawn bowler in this heat. The rest of us holed up in the cabin with DVDs to await the cool change. After a bit of a snooze in the early arvo, the change was here. And so was Kym with his large share of Blue Swimmer Crabs. He was one very happy and not sunburnt chap. (thank goodness)

Off to the beach we went. Kym is a bit like a cat with water. Doesn't really like to get wet at all. So getting shots of him mucking around with the kids was too good to pass up. With the change, was a gentle breeze that made the waves perfect for boogie boards.

After I packed the camera away (See, I can detach it from my face now and then LOL) I jumped in the waves too.

With the change was the clouds. So I had another go at a sunset shot. Lots more mood in this one.

All in all, I managed to catch the sun going down on one horizon, come up the other horizon, only to see it to down again tonight. I must be a sun lover. tehe.

Monday is supposed to be a shitty hot windy bloody horrible day. Not sure what we'll do yet other than hide from it all and come out as the sun goes down to play on the beach. I'll keep you posted.

stay cool

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miasmummy said...

Love the cloudy, change in the weather shot, it does have alot of character! Womderful! x