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Monday, February 1, 2010

seeding 2008

Another one inspired by a LO in CK. The mag has a bit of a different format now and I LIKE it. I have folded the edges of heaps of pages that have something special that caught my eye.

This one has a very loose likeness to Allison Davis's Frosty Fun. Pg 72, Vol 15 no 1. Thanks Maryanne for the square punch. mwah. As I dont have any little punches for the centre of the squares I pulled out my trusty hole punch and banged away until the squares looked like swiss cheese. lol. I quite like the effect.

Another LO for the Sean-scrap-a-thon. and the next one has him too.


sandra said...

The squares look great!! and love how you have used the punched out circles as embellie as well.
very noice.

Maryanne possible to borrow if the need arises???
punches are on my wishlist..along with a few other things lol!!

Christine said...

Hi Tiff, thank you so much for popping by my blog, I've just spent ages reading through yours being mesmorised by your stunning photos!

I love the "swiss cheese" look on your LO,what a great idea, and your pics with the over sized letters are absolutely fantastic! I'll definitely be adding your name to my blog list too!

Kell Lusted said...

Hi Tiff!
I already had you in my favorites!! I linked your blog off FB. I am in LOVE with your photography I need some tips!! Loving all you pages and thank you for popping by my place! I will be back lol
Kell xx

maryanne r said...

sandra, punches are available to borrow, they certainly arent getting much use here atm!

tiff your swiss cheese squares remind me of your moon!
a nice blokey LO!

Hetty Hall said...

Thanks for visisting my blog Tiff. Love your work and your photography is amazing, will add you to my favorites!!