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Friday, February 5, 2010

tub bub

The kids and I are batching at the moment. DH is in Adelaide shooting in the Western Zone team to vie for a spot in the State Team to shoot at the Nationals. Kym is good enough. More than good enough I may add. He's been in the state team several times and won a National Medal for coming 1st in one event last year. So he's away on his 'boys trip' while we relax at home. Things do wind back a cog or two when he's not here. But I do miss him ( just a little bit lol).

One from this evening before I start boning up on the phone manual. Its taking me a day and a half to be bothered to take the damn thing out of the box to pop in the battery to charge it up. If I haven't answered your txts or calls, I'm not ignoring you. Just trying to figure the damn gadget out. (deep breath)

Looking at the LO now I reckon it needs some sewing. Better than the reading the instruction book.....

1 comment:

sandra said...

Love that lace border! and that brush.. very nice!!
and what a cheeky smile! He looks quite proud of himself!!