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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sean's made a cover....of sorts.

Well sort of......
*wink wink*
With a fair bit of tongue in cheek I've created this cover for the Escape2Create cover challenge...

...which they have declined to post on their blog...due to posssible copyright issues. I did this as a bit of fun with nothing sinister in mind.... but that's their choice.
I probably have infringed on a copyright somewhere and I apologise to Creative Keepsakes in advance if I have.

So with that in mind I made a new header and viola... we have a brand new mag....LOL.

CK is my favourite mag and since the new format I can hardly put it down. I refer back to all the turned down corners a lot for ideas!!


amanda hall said...

Just to clarify but it is your choice not to follow this one up.

I would be happy to post it once we get a green light.

:) Tiff said...

tis a shame that it wasnt taken in the spirit of fun but I've had a play with a new banner to smooth ruffled feathers.

amanda hall said...

No feathers ruffled here Tiff :)

It seems the only one making a big deal out of this is you :)

As you said "I probably have infringed on a copyright somewhere" and the old Uni saying is that if you think you have - then you are probably right :)