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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today was Sean's 4th birthday.

He had a large parcel arrive in the mail yesterday which he carried around the house for ages, trying to convince me that it was ok to open it the day before his birthday. Na ah I kept telling him. He put it on his spare bed so he could look at it until he fell asleep and so it was the first thing he'd see when he woke up this morning.

We had an early start to the day this morning. *insert eye roll*. The parcel was from Nan from Broken Hill that had little tractors, trailers, bulldozers and all sort of other implements, and a wonderful bunch of good clothes for winter. Perfect.

Then came the box from Dad and I. Before the ripping off of paper, I sat both the kids down and explained that this is a combined birthday pressie for both Sean and Annie. And that Annie wasn't to expect too much when hers comes around in September.

Paper was ripped, the box was torn open and then there was a fair bit of squealing and a lot of jumping around from both Sean and Annie. (Sean can out squeal Annie atm btw).

We gave the kids a Wii. There were some excellent post Christmas sales - my favourite time to shop btw - and with a bit of help and advice from Janice, we got really good value for the $$$ spent. There's the console, 2 remotes, 1 nunchuck, 1 wheel, 5 games including Mario Cart. All we need now is another nunchuck, another wheel and a recharger deck for the remotes. (reckon I'll be checking out eBay later, or the latest Target catolouge. The kids and Kym have been at it most of the day and the best part of it is that Kym has quite got into it. He knows more than me with the games. And that's just great.

Today was also the last day of indulging Sean his fetish for the colour pink We had pink pancakes with strawberries and strawberry ice-cream. For lunch we had a pink creamed birthday sponge cake. We went out to the pub for tea and we had another pink sponge cake. He also received a little cupcake made esp for him with a pink patty pan. (thanks Janice)

From now on I'll be gently persuading him that yellow is pretty cool. Yellow is the colour of Dad's header, of CAT bulldozers and graders and all things with big wheels at the mine sites.  LOL wish me luck.

Every year since the kids were born I have a scrap page that has little clear envelopes in which I place a lock of hair. We placed another golden piece of hair in it today. We also measure the kids on our door frame.

Of course I had the camera out and this is today's pictorial review. *wink*

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sean ! We hope you had a lovely day !!
Love From the Sheps xxxx
Oh, great 'pictorial' too Tiff !! -and a great idea - putting a hair lock away every year !