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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kindy boy

Seeing our little boy off on his transition to Kindy.  He was one very excited little chap.

He told me and I quote "Don't cry Mum. I'll come back home". I just about sobbed on the spot. How intuitive is he??

His pigeon hole for his bag. he was very excited to see his name there.

One little lady who has taken Sean under her wing on the bus. She forgoes sitting with her best friend to sit with Sean just to make sure he's all right. And one little chap who thinks riding on the bus is the coolest thing. One bus driver who is just plain awesome.

So far his steps away from me and into Kindy have been fantastic. My steps in letting him go are improving.... a little bit.


Jane said...

great photos Tiff and good to see Sean is enjoying Kindy. love Kym's non-matching or odd socks (I think they are)

:) Tiff said...

funny how he has another mismatched pair of socks exactly the same.


maryanne r said...

many more happy/sad days to come!

just wait till he finishes school!