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Sunday, February 21, 2010

every chance I get...

We had a lovely family day for Sunday. We went across to Tumby to check out some real estate options, grab fish and chips for lunch (they did, I don't do fish lol) and had a play on the beach. It was just bliss to watch Kym play with the kids in the water. I did regret not taking the camera, but it was also quite nice to not have it. Its very seldom that I get to sit and do nothing but flick thru a scrap mag, but that's exactly what I did. With Kym keeping an eye on the kids I could really get into this month's CK that's just come out. Another one that I have a lot of folded corners on, that has ideas for me to glean from.

So with a creative rush, I hopped into this one as soon as we were home. And it was done in no time flat. Wish they all come together this easy!!!!!


Kirsty said...

Beautiful! Love the journalling...so so true!

Christine said...

I couldn't agree more! I love this page, it's just gorgeous :)

sandra said...

love everything about this one.
the cardboard the read title, the border, the journalling and most of all love the photo.. what a great smile Grumpa has!