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Monday, February 8, 2010

asthma from a Mum's POV

Kym is home. Thank goodness. Now I can let go a bit. I felt like walking in the scrub and having a big scream or thumping a tree. Just to get the wound up tension out of me.

Instead I had a glass of scotch on the rocks and just put into words what I was feeling. Hence that long post from before. I wanted to put it into my scrapbook album as well.

I really believe in scrapping the good and the bad. And this weekend certainly wasn't a good one. So to keep it simple and to get it done so i could move on, I've done a digi page. No embellishing, nothing flashy at all. Just the words that needed to pour out.

If you have already read the previous post, it pretty much the same wording with a few grammatical corrections.

I think I'll have 2 copies of it printed. One for my album and one for Annie's. After all its all about her.

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