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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

box regatta

Annie's class had a Box Regatta today at the local pool. I managed to collect a number of large boxes from the Lincoln scrapgirls last week and I was chuffed to see them all being used today.

Each team had 3 members. One to ride on the boat, 2 to push the boat thru the water in the middle pool. Annie teamed up with Matilda and Molly for their boat construction and their 'race' today.

They named their craft 'Princess Power Rocks' or as they spelt it 'Prisess Powre Rosck'

Each team launched their craft, popped in their 'Captain' and propelled it to the other end. The rest of the class on the sides of the pool clapped, cheered, and splashed a fair bit. It was a great example of encouragement to other class mates and being a good sport.

A couple of the craft disintergrated before it reached the end, but the kids still finished their turn with smiles and laughs. Only one little girl was a bit upset when she toppled out of her boat.

They all had a bit of a splash around after followed by a sausage sizzle.

An event well done by the classroom teachers Ms C and Ms McW.

And thanks to Marika and Julie for allowing me to use a photo of all the girls on Prisess Powre Rosck team.


Donna said...

Great photos, looks like the kids had a great time!

sandra said...

great photos Tiff.
Love the smile on Annie's face