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Thursday, February 4, 2010

another bloody gadget.

I had a yarn to Telstra a few days ago to fiddle our business phone plan. Along with a better pricing structure with extra bits and bobs they threw this little baby in with the deal.

As it is I am quite happy with my current phone and tried really hard to have them keep the new phone and credit our account the difference. Try as I might, they said it was at absolutely no cost to me so I might as well have it.

So I did. Another gadget to learn how to navigate. As if I dont have enough to learn atm. I am studying and still going thru different settings on the  Canon 50D. Lots more scope for photos = lots more scope for errors too. Dont worry, I haven't had many blunders in that department yet.

So if anyone locally has one of these phones, if I may ask you to fast track my learning curve and show me any bells, whistles and tricky bits, I would appreciate it. I learn quicker by being shown rather than plowing thru the manual.

cheers and thanks.

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