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Saturday, February 27, 2010

sports day

Annie had her JP Sports Day on Friday. This year she seemed like a big kid with this JP group. I think it must be all in her legs as she has stretched out a bit lately.

One thing that really peeved me was seeing a lot of the students chewing or sucking on the cords of their hats. YUCK. I had no idea Annie was doing this. I had no idea that so many kids there did that. Its just disgusting. So tonight I chopped those cords off.

It was terrific to see that winning was not important at all that day. Just doing your best and have a bit of fun as well. All the kids did so well, and the team events were so positive.

I can only pop a few shots here as most of them have other students in them.

Doing really really well in her 50m race.  (she came first!!)

Part of the hurdling race...not a poser is she lol

Sean antics with another little chap on the high jump mat.

They all finished of the day with a dance session in the hall. So Annie let it rip. She dances to her IPod all the time and has started Ballet. I can really see that she has a grasp of rhythm. (That certainly didn't come from me)

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