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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

DH dug a whopper of a hole to sink a ship container to become our cellar and firearm lockup. As we don't have a lot of machinery, we borrow or hire it. Every time there is a new machine of some sort on our farm, it presents a photo op.
So this was taken back in 28.2.07. I'm only 18 months behind on Sean.

I reckon if I stop taking photos (not) I might catch up. Nahhhh, I'll get there one day. Always nice to have a heap of photos already printed to choose from.
Journalling says

excavating the hole to sink the container which will be the cellar under the car shed. 8.2.07

I placed the background PP on a textured surface and sanded it back to reveal the white. Instant grunge.

The journalling is printed on my El Chepo DATS from Cheap As Chips with the Around the Block lower case font wheel.


sandra said...

Great layout Tiff!
Love the way you grunge your paper!Great for a boys page, especially for a page which has heavy machinery.. also adds a bit of 'grunt' to your page... (does that make sense??)

Anonymous said...

Was it really that long ago that the hole was dne, wow, it seems like just yesterday lol. =D missing you. Paige