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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

by the light of the full moon

I went with Laura and my kids to Camera Club last night. Kym was away and seeing that it's school holidays I decided that the kids could come with me. The DS's kept them occupied most of the evening I was pretty chuffed with them when a number of the people mentioned how well behaved they were. They make so very proud!!!

When we got home I was still pretty wired after Ann and I delivered our presentation of our Kangaroo Island Photographic Tour with Pete Dobre. There was no way I was ready for bed.

Seeing that it was full moon and a mackerel sky I headed out with camera, tripod, and timer in hand. After a bit of trial and error I've managed these shots. While I'm not overly happy with the subject in the photos, it was the technique of shooting by moonlight that I wanted to get a handle on.

I am blown away with the colour that the camera picked up. You just don't imagine night time other than black or blue.

Exposure times varied from 5mins 18 seconds to 7mins 50 seconds. Shot between 1 and 2am Tuesday 12th April. 2011

you can just see the start of star trails in the first two shots.


Anonymous said...

How awesome are those clouds? And how bizarre to have made "daytime" shots out of night? So weird, but oh so beautiful!!

Sonia said...

oh wow tiff, never thought of doing loooooooong exposure like that!! Going to have to try it!!