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Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is just a beautiful photo that Amanda took of Sean back in Nov 2007. (yes I am that far behind) *insert roll eyes*

I am involved in a 'we dare you' challenge at Mystical. It involves having 3 random criteria set for you by the forum girls and you have a week to create something with it.

lol. I was the next 'victim' selected yesterday and I had it done last night. So the next 'victim' I chose had to start off with paint as her first of three elements. Lots of fun and being stretched creative wise.

My criteria was not too tricky (thank goodness)

1. Use at least 2 different stamps

2. Scallops

3. use at least 2 ribbons

so this is I came up with.

ps. I really don't enjoy stamping so this one had me a bit nervous. In my mind I find stamping so nerve racking because if its not done well it can spoil a whole LO. So I am a bit disappointed that the first 2 pieces of the calender stamps are so faint and I did press a bit harder 3rd time round. And i even practised on a piece of paper before hand. LOL. I live with it.


maryanne r said...

gorgeous tiff, bravo for using the stamps.
love the blue background paper, withthe b&w photo, makes it really stand out

sandra said...

well done on using stamps... they scare me to bits too.
and that blue is stunning.

Anonymous said...

I love that vibrant blue paper Tiff !! A sweet photo of Sean too, a lovely page.

SueP said...

Wow that blue just pops out ey?!
Good sketch LO idea!! ;) getting me thinking!!