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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Don't they have the damnest timing. Annie's turn for a hospital visit tonight. I have their number on speed dial. Had to get crook after hours (don't they always, but at least not on a Friday for a change). Anyway she has tonsillitis. First time ever. So a quiet day in tomorrow, might get some scrapping done. But probably not as the BAS is looming and I haven't done last months reconcile yet (eek). But not to despair as I will be in Lincoln tomorrow night to scrap and Trish will meet me there. Yay.
So Sean is on the mend, (PS check Lincoln Times for Thursday 17th edition), and Annie will get there.
I just don't have time to get crook and I reckon the power of positive thought will be my shield against the bugs out there. Nearly sounds profound doesn't it.
Cheers to all.


sandra said...

oh double bugger!
sorry to hear that Annie is not well..sore throats are so depressing..
Say Hi to the girls on Thursday night... have fun!
hugs for the kids.. no fun being sick..
ps .. you girls must be pretty excited by all the movement on the blog lately! great to pop in lately and see a different layout on there.. and they have been fantastic layouts as well!

Cassandra said...

Hi Tiff,
Saw the Times you look so tired take care of yourself. Good on you and your friends for trying to be heard the message won't get through without a voice. Hope Annies on the mend soon bet your sick of the hospital 4 walls but glad we have it. Will try and Email you my Orange and lemon layout hope it works. Then Sunday off on our Houseboat trip have to go scrapbooking nautical when we get back see you then.
I'll have blog DT's I reckon.