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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

whoo hoo

I've had a LO accepted by SM.

So with a bit of playing in CS3 I have made myself a Removed for Publication banner.

I'm starting to feel like I'm achieving something for my scrapping besides self gratification. And it feels fantastic.



maryanne said...

oh bloody hell tiff!!!!do u know how frustrating it is seeing that and then trying to think which LO it is?????dont think I saw it!
jokes aside...."CONGRATULATIONS" yay, and well done!!!!
also I made it to leonies this arvo and bagged myself 14 sheets of the carolees creations letters, but she didnt have any of the red ones, hopefully she will be getting more in!happy shopping at Lock 2moro!I might get to fiddle with the cs3 2moro.

sandra said...

well done Tiff!
which one was it???
Good to see you scrappin heaps,
unfortunately, I have lost my mojo, can't seem to actually get started..
hectic week..
Any tips on finding your mojo again???
congrats again.. can't wait to see it in print

:) Tiff said...

Much as I would love to tell u which LO it is, I cant. But u have seen it on E2C blog. Check the challenges and look for the banner back in May and see if you can guess?????!!!!!!

sandra said...

you're on

sandra said...

So cool... love that layout... and the song (tee hee)
Wow even dh is going to be in a mag...how does he feel about it??
congrats.. that layout truly does deserve to be published.

amanda said...

congrats Tiff.

exciting news :)

btw you can say which LO is it .. just not show it online.

:) Tiff said...

thanks a. Wasnt quite sure what the ettiquette for this is, being reomoved from blog etc.

Lisa said...

Woohoo, Tiff - congratulations :-)

janice said...

"CONGRATULATIONS" Tiff, I know how excited you must be.
...does this mean more texts to see if the mag has arrived at the PO???... hopefully it wont be late like the last one was!!
This layout is beautiful, you are very clever and it certainly deserved to be published.
Woo Hoo... well done

Cassandra said...

Hey Tiff,
Worked out which one it was, still love it one of my favourites. Congratulations and keep up the great work. Good on you for going for the challenge of being published really look up to you girls,and love seeing country towns names in mags.
Look forward to seeing more Cassandra.