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Sunday, June 6, 2010

autumn captured

Here on the farm we have very few deciduous trees to show the glory of autumn, so I took my camera with me to Lincoln today.

The council there in their wisdom (???) planted a type of tree (the name escapes me for the moment - help anyone) when they did their streetscaping of Tasman Terrace not so long ago. The trees are terrific for summer shade and very colourful in Autumn, but cripes they sure do make a mess of the place when the leaves are on the ground. I would hate to imagine all the clogged shopfront roof guttering let alone the street guttering.

 While I am far too late to catch the colour, I did catch the mess on the ground. I did have a bit of a laugh how I would have looked from a different person's POV. I was lying on the road in a car park space with my head in the gutter. LOL. A group of young male teenagers did ask a couple of questions and one of them even lifted a milkshake cup out of the way without my even asking. Sure enjoyed their enthusiasm.

With a little bit of PS magic, and lots of help from Jerry Jones textures, this is what I took.

A couple of weeks ago I captured the colour of a glory vine that was in full dress rehearsal for autumn.

Sean and I were out weeding in the garden on Friday. It was such a lovely afternoon and a good bit of weed pulling was in order. After we had finished and wash our hands we went on to do other jobs in and around the house.

After about an hour or so I noticed my eyes were really itchy (nothing unusual as I always have hay fever-every single day-) but then my lips went tingly, swollen and hot. And then my tongue was doing the same. Cripes. This has never happened before. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, gargled mouthwash and took an anti-histamine. And then I had a good look at Sean. He was the same. He had started using his top teeth to 'scratch' his lower lip and skin under his lip. It was very red and irritated. His eyes were itchy and he was hot. So I cleaned him up and dosed him too. After about 30 mins the symptoms in both of us started to recede thank goodness.

This has never happened to either of us before, and we don't have any unusual weeds or plants. And we both have weeded before without any effects like this. So laughingly I have become allergic to gardening. lol. I'll have another go tomorrow while Sean's at Kindy and monitor my reactions. Time will tell.


Sarah Lou said...

Scary allergy!! I think I might have that allergy as well. I adore your gutter photo, such beautiful comp and lovelly pp. I often wonder how I look when Im laying all over the ground. I love that one of the teenagers lifted his milkshake for you. thats well trained!!

sandra said...

yep can picture you now, head down and bum up! Great photos Tiff.