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Friday, June 25, 2010

Some shots from the Adelaide Zoo last week. Most of them are just snaps as we were under a bit of time pressure but I did put some thought into this one. This Flamingo was asleep and the light was perfect. I just wanted to catch the colour and detail of the feathers.

As I had said in a previous post my Panda shots were a bit disappointing. This is Funi and you can see the reflection of Annie on the glass. Could be looked as arty I guess but it sure wasn't taken that way. I really wanted a shot that showed their eyes. this was the best one for that.

Our favorite person in Adelaide.

meerkat on sentry duty. so cute. so alert.

this was taken in the morning on the way over. I love this!!!


amanda hall said...

Tiff - my opinion doesnt count for much but i do love the one of Annie's reflection and the panda. To me it says SO MUCH MORE than just a panda shot.

so much more.

Anonymous said...

Great shots Tiff, love the flamingo one, and the one of you and Annie is just gorgeous!
Karen D :)