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Friday, June 11, 2010

questions & answers

For those people who know I make my own Baileys. This is the recipe.

600mls cream
2 x tins condensed milk
2 x tins evaporated milk
2 x teaspoons dissolved coffee
5 drops almond essence
1/2 cup chocolate topping.

Mix together in a large bow.
Add 1 bottle of scotch or brandy SLOWLY. (I use Brandy as its cheaper)

Makes approx 4 bottles.

I've always been told to use full cream ingredients but tonight I used skim everything and its just fine. A little bit thinner in consistency but just as yummy. I'll be using skim next time too.

Over the last few days I've been asked where did I study for my Diploma of Photography. I must admit I didn't include The Photography Institute as a link in that particular Blog post.

My apologies. I was remiss of that. I can thoroughly recommend it and it is well worth the $$. Its not easy but its not hard. The trickiest bit I found was to make myself sit down and read the module. If you know me, then you know that I don't sit around for very long. I get far too twitchy for that. There is another lady in our community who also has her Diploma of Photography from TPI, and I know of several other people who are on their way to achieving theirs. If you are keen then don't procrastinate. Get of your arse and make a commitment to yourself. You will be so thankful later.

Where did I get my Webster's Bloomers from?

Lee-anne from Scrap Therapy has the best customer relations that I have come across.

Nothing is too much trouble and she gets a lot of her stock direct from the States so its in her shop earlier than the wholesalers get it out and at a remarkably better price. Scrap Therapy is my first preference for my online shopping. (Hi Lee-anne *waves*). I cant find it there ATM (I think she made have sold out of it) but ring her to find out when she will have it back again. I also get her e-newsletters. That way I know when her stock lands and is on the shelf.

I think that's it. Have a fantastic family long weekend and stay safe.


Lee-Anne said...

Thanks Tiff - you're a gem - we will have a whole bundle more Websters back in on Monday or Tuesday - keep an eye on out whats new section girls :)

Christine said...

Yum, that Baileys sounds delish!