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Saturday, April 11, 2015

the red book

Annie found the quote for this LO in a book that we have both read. If you find 'Inkheart' by Cornelia Funke, pick it up. Its worth the read.

I've done a second LO of this one for my album as well as his.  The other one tells the story of why he's on the beach with the red book. I'll post it later.

The 'Red' word is Bazzil foam cut with the Silhouette. The foam is thicker than the max depth of the blade so a little trimming with a knife is required after the Silhouette cut. A bit fiddly as the foam is surprisingly soft, but not difficult. Also line up the foam so it doesn't run under the white rollers. The machine doesn't like that. And also line up the foam so it doesn't go under the little black rings on the roll bar. They leave an impression in the foam.
The settings I used are

  • Blade Depth - 10 
  • Speed - 1
  • Thickness - 33
  • Double Cut

1 comment:

Peg Hewitt said...

This layout totally blows me away, brilliant in its simplicity and yet so meaningful. Truly fabulous, I'd have it poster size on my wall if I could!