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Sunday, September 14, 2008

4 nebs

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maryanne r said...

hi tiff, got your email, I was awake still, been to the club for a drink[ and wondered why felt so old and boring, cos dont drink much anymore so, and around 10 thought would probably rather be home scrapping...HOW SAD..}
But anyway got home @ 12.00ish, but 2 teenagers still out, so was phoning them checking whereabouts, and waiting for them to get home safely!!!
I know from experience though that you probably woudlnt be getting much rest, up and down with seans nebs!!Hope hes alright, we went to kapinnie and you were heading in to town @ 11.30, and I did think to myself, hope shes not heading in to the hospital, hope shes heading in for supply of feel good!!